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The Best Accessories for Used Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Owning a used Harley Davidson motorcycle is an opportunity to experience the heritage, performance, and style of one of the most iconic motorcycle brands. To enhance your riding experience and personalize your bike, consider investing in some top accessories. Whether you aim to improve comfort, performance, or aesthetics, there are numerous accessories designed to help you get the most out of your used Harley Davidson motorcycle. This blog will explore some of the best accessories available, ensuring your bike stands out and performs at its best.

Comfort and Ergonomic Accessories

Long rides can be challenging without the right comfort accessories. Here are some top additions to make your used Harley Davidson motorcycle more comfortable:

Custom Seats

A custom seat can significantly improve your comfort on long rides. Look for seats with added cushioning, ergonomic designs, and materials that suit your style.

  • Benefits: Enhanced comfort, reduced rider fatigue, and improved aesthetics.
  • Popular Options: Mustang Seats, Saddlemen Seats, and Harley-Davidson’s own range of custom seats.

Handlebar Grips

Upgrading to ergonomic handlebar grips can reduce hand fatigue and provide better control, especially on long rides.

  • Benefits: Increased comfort and better grip.
  • Popular Options: Kuryakyn Iso Grips, Avon Grips, and Harley-Davidson Diamond Black Grips.

Foot Pegs and Floorboards

Adding custom foot pegs or floorboards can improve your riding position and comfort. They provide better support for your feet and can enhance the overall look of your bike.

  • Benefits: Improved comfort and support.
  • Popular Options: Kuryakyn ISO-Wing Mini Boards, Arlen Ness Foot Pegs, and Harley-Davidson Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit.

Performance Enhancements

Boosting the performance of your used Harley Davidson motorcycle can make your rides more thrilling and enjoyable. Here are some performance-enhancing accessories to consider:

Exhaust Systems

Upgrading the exhaust system can improve your bike’s performance, reduce weight, and give it a more aggressive sound.

  • Benefits: Increased horsepower, better throttle response, and improved exhaust note.
  • Popular Options: Vance & Hines, Rinehart Racing, and Screamin’ Eagle Performance Exhausts.

Air Intake Systems

A high-performance air intake system can improve airflow to the engine, enhancing combustion efficiency and power output.

  • Benefits: Improved engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Popular Options: K&N Air Filters, Arlen Ness Big Sucker, and Screamin’ Eagle High-Flow Air Cleaners.

Suspension Upgrades

Upgrading the suspension can improve your bike’s handling, stability, and ride comfort. Consider investing in high-quality shocks and forks.

  • Benefits: Better handling, increased stability, and enhanced ride comfort.
  • Popular Options: Ohlins Shocks, Progressive Suspension, and Legend Suspensions.

Aesthetic and Customization Accessories

Personalizing your used Harley Davidson motorcycle is a great way to make it uniquely yours. Here are some aesthetic and customization accessories to consider:

Custom Paint and Graphics

A custom paint job or graphics can transform the look of your bike, giving it a unique and personalized appearance.

  • Benefits: Enhanced aesthetics and personalized style.
  • Popular Options: Harley-Davidson’s Custom Paint Sets, local custom paint shops, and DIY graphics kits.

LED Lighting

Upgrading to LED lighting can improve visibility and add a modern touch to your bike’s appearance. Consider LED headlights, tail lights, and accent lights.

  • Benefits: Improved visibility, increased safety, and modern aesthetics.
  • Popular Options: Custom Dynamics, Harley-Davidson Daymaker LED Headlights, and Kuryakyn LED Accent Lights.

Chrome Accessories

Adding chrome accessories can enhance the classic look of your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Consider chrome engine covers, mirrors, and trim pieces.

  • Benefits: Enhanced aesthetics and a classic look.
  • Popular Options: Harley-Davidson Genuine Chrome Accessories, Kuryakyn Chrome Accessories, and Performance Machine Chrome Trim.

Storage and Touring Accessories

If you enjoy long-distance touring, having the right storage solutions is essential. Here are some top storage and touring accessories for your used Harley Davidson motorcycle:


High-quality saddlebags provide ample storage for your gear, making long trips more convenient and enjoyable.

  • Benefits: Increased storage capacity and convenience.
  • Popular Options: Harley-Davidson Genuine Saddlebags, Viking Bags, and Leatherworks Saddlebags.

Luggage Racks

Adding a luggage rack can increase your bike’s carrying capacity, allowing you to transport more gear on your trips.

  • Benefits: Additional storage space and enhanced convenience.
  • Popular Options: Harley-Davidson Detachables Luggage Racks, Kuryakyn Luggage Racks, and Cobra Luggage Racks.


A windshield can reduce wind fatigue and protect you from debris, making long rides more comfortable.

  • Benefits: Improved comfort and protection.
  • Popular Options: Harley-Davidson Detachable Windshields, Memphis Shades, and National Cycle Windshields.


Upgrading your used Harley Davidson motorcycle with the right accessories can significantly enhance your riding experience. Whether you focus on comfort, performance, aesthetics, or storage, there are plenty of options to choose from. By investing in high-quality accessories, you can personalize your bike, improve its performance, and make your rides more enjoyable. Explore the wide range of available accessories and find the perfect upgrades to transform your used Harley Davidson into the ultimate riding machine.

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