Best Games on Steam’s EA Publisher Sale to Get

Finally bought a Steam gift card digital? Then you need to use that Steam gift card on some great games. Lucky you did that because EA is having a publisher sale right now! The sale goes on until May 13 and almost all of their games are on sale, with some being up to 90% off right now. Check out the best EA games on Steam you get on sale right now.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars games have been… doing not so great in the video game industry since the excellent The Force Unleashed series. They were not really hitting after that and after Star Wars: Battlefront II, the EA one not the classic one, not a lot of people thought that EA was going to be able to make a good Star Wars game. But then the news broke that EA are making a Star Wars game with Respawn, the people that made Titanfall, it was interesting.

The Star Wars Jedi franchise has been a hit ever since with two games coming out since then. One of them being Survivor, the latest entry to the Jedi series that continues Cal Kestis’ story. The game is currently on sale for 55%, but you can also grab the first game, Fallen Order, at a cheaper price as well.

Battlefield 2042

Controversial take, Battlefield 2024 is good. Of course, we all know that Battlefield 2042 is not the best Battlefield game, but it would still deliver some great fun in its own way. Heck, the previous Battlefield game that took place in the future was released almost two decades ago, to the year; back in 2006!

The only reason I recommend this game now is that it is already during its last season. DICE has announced the end of support for 2042, which means now you can experience everything this game has to offer!

The Steam game is currently on sale for 87%, but you can also get the Elite Edition that has everything at a cheaper price as well.

Dead Space Remake

Looking to play an iconic horror franchise? Play Dead Space. While it met its untimely end because EA didn’t let Visceral Games cook with Dead Space 3, they greenlit the remake of the first game that released last year. Dead Space Remake is one of the many remakes of iconic franchises, and this one is actually well deserved.

The original Dead Space is still playable, but some things about it are heavily outdated that make it hard to play when its sequel, Dead Space 2, improves everything and makes gameplay so much better. Dead Space Remake is like that: the story and atmosphere of Dead Space 1 with the amazing gameplay of Dead Space 2.

Dead Space Remake is currently on sale for 65%. The Deluxe edition is also on sale, but all it really contains is cosmetics that don’t really affect the gameplay.

These EA best Steam games are so cheap that you can buy Steam accounts as well. So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to have some fun, then grab these Steam games and jump into action!

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